Saturday, July 18, 2009


Well it has been a while since I have made a post. SOOOOOOO, this one is for you Jill. Alot has happened in the last several months. Kayton finished her 1st year of school. She had a great year and is reading up a storm. After school was out we made a trip to Ft. Worth to help celebrate cousin Jase's b-day. It was great to get to see my sister and her family(as well as my brother) we had not seen them since December. Then when we got home it was time to get Kayton ready for dance recital. It was met with alot of tears and I don't want tos. In the end she did great and is now pestering me "when is dance going to start". Jacob is doing great. He is really starting to look like a little boy and not a baby. For those of you that do not know he was in speech therapy this last year. His speech has improved so much over these last months, but we will pick up with it again in the fall. He will turn 5 in November , so only 1 more year with him at home.Matthew has grown so much and he has developed his on little personality. He loves to scream and make lots of noise. He says a few words : cheese, more, bottle, sissy, bubba, momma, daddy, please, and his favorite EAT!!!!!!! He is a fun little guy but at the same time a hand full.

Ok so I have been trying to get pictures on here of the boys on here but it won't let me. So I will keep trying.

The end of June beginning of July, I loaded up the kids with my friend Sasha and headed to Ft.Worth/Dallas for an overnight trip. It was a lot of fun, 2 adults and 5 kids in one car. Amazingly everyone got along just fine. We took Sasha to a warehouse sale , then we drove to Ft. Worth to go to the zoo. It was a quick trip but tons of fun. The rest of this summer has been spent swimming ,making trips to the library, and playing with friends. Now sadly it is time to start getting ready for school. I have not done any school shopping yet, but Kayton is still young enough that there is not a strict dress code for her age. Her Grammy took her shopping this summer so she does have some stuff she can wear. I will go and get her new shoes and a few outfits for school. It stays so warm for the first couple months of school that we really have no need for pants at this point.She is not too excited about starting 1st grade, she says that she is scared and that it is going to be hard. I keep assuring her that 1st grade will be fun. She is also not ready to get up early and get to school . I had to get her up this morning for cheer camp at the high school and she told me that it was worse than getting up for school. Little does she know that it was 8 when I got her up . We go on Tuesday to meet her teacher , so hopefully this will get her excited about school. The boys will be returning to our church PDO on the first day of school. Jake is excited, he loves his "school" and can't wait. I have yet to tell him that his favorite teacher Ms.Stacy is not going to be there. He is easy going ,so hopefully he won't be to upset. I hope to keep my blog updated more often ,but I am not going to make any promises. We start back to school on August 24th, dance on Sept 9th, and because my life is not a big enough circus Jake will start playing soccer in Sept also. Well that's it for now. Blog to you soon.

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